The Diggers’ Requiem

The Diggers’ Requiem has been co-commissioned by Australian War Memorial and the Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs and developed by Christopher Latham with the assistance of Peggy Polias & Ellie Cumming. Incorporating Nigel Westlake’s The Glass Soldier (2007) commissioned by Don Farrands, in memory of his grandfather Nelson H. Ferguson, in honour of his contribution to art and his virtuous life.

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The Artists

The Composers


Concert Program

Overture: dedicated to all military and civilian victims of war
Elena Kats-Chernin (b. 1957): The Silent Field *


Movement 1: REQUIEM AETERNAM, for Fromelles
GF Handel (1685-1759): Dead March * from Saul

Movement 2: KYRIE, for Pozières
FS Kelly (1881 - 1916): The Somme Lament *



Movement 3: TUBA MIRUM, for Bapaume
Nigel Westlake (b. 1958) / AF Lithgow (1870 – 1929): Entering Bapaume †

Movement 4: LACRIMOSA, for Bullecourt
Elena Kats-Chernin: The Fields of Bullecourt

Movement 5: VIRTUS ET CONSTANTIA, for the WWI Palestine Campaign
Richard Mills (b. 1949): The Charge of Beersheba

Movement 6: DIES IRAE, the Third Battle of Ypres
Nigel Westlake: The Age of Destruction †


Movement 7: SANCTUS FOR ICARUS, The Fall of Aces
Nigel Westlake: Wooden Birds Fly Over the Valley of the Somme †

Movement 8: BENEDICTUS, Protecting Amiens
Nigel Westlake: Symphony of Glass and Stone †

Movement 9: LIBERA ME, for Villers-Bretonneux
Nigel Westlake: I Was Blind – But Now I See †

Movement 10: PIE JESU, the Liberation of Péronne
Graeme Koehne (b. 1956): Pie Jesu: Prayer of Saint Joan of Arc

Movements 11 & 12: LUX AETERNA & IN PARADISUM, for Bellenglise and Montbrehain – the piercing of the Hindenburg Line – incorporating Pipe Major John Grant’s WWI tune, The Lament for the Pipers Lost in the Great War
Ross Edwards (b. 1943): Eternal Light

* arranged by Christopher Latham
† from The Glass Soldier