The Diggers' Requiem
- Australian Premiere -

6 October 2018
7:30pm Llewellyn Hall

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The Diggers’ Requiem is a major new Australian work  and a concert not to be missed. The Australian Premiere is a significant event to commemorate the end of World War One, 100 years on.

The Requiem was jointly commissioned by the Australian War Memorial (AWM) and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), produced and directed by Christopher Latham and will be performed at Llewellyn Hall by a large orchestra and choir. The concert will be recorded for CD release as well as being broadcast by ABC Classic FM.

In an astonishing piece of musical teamwork, The Requiem has been composed by seven contemporary Australian composers working with Chris on existing and new pieces. Composers Nigel Westlake, Elena Kats-Chernin, Richard Mills, Graeme Koehne, Ross Edwards, Andrew Schultz and Chris have all written movements. 

 The concert will be performed by the newly formed Australian War Memorial Orchestra and Choir with the Band of the Royal Military College, Duntroon  as well as 28 young artists selected from across Australia with French or German ancestry or WWI family connections. Seven Australian and international soloists will also perform.

The sad and cathartic March of the Death of Saul by Handel is traditionally performed at the military funeral of Commonwealth soldiers, and will open the work, followed by the Somme Lament, by Australian composer Frederick Septimus Kelly, who died at Beaumont-Hamel in 1916. This lament, which will represent the Battle of Pozières, was written nearby in a basement of a bombed out house in Menil-Martinsart, just two weeks before his death.

Diggers’ Requiem premiere in France in May 2018, “la voix céleste”.... (Simone Riksman) singing the last words of Jeanne D'Arc, at the beginning.

Elena Kats-Chernin's Lacrimosa evokes the grief of a mother who sings for her son who was lost in the battle of Bullecourt in the Pas-de-Calais. Alex Lithgow who wrote the stirring Victoria March, which was played by the Australian Army as it marched into Bapaume in 1917, has had his work incorporated into Nigel Westlake’s The Glass Soldier, the iconic Australian work for trumpet and orchestra. A lone piper plays John Grant's Lament for the Pipers lost in the Great War in Ross Edward Lux Aeterna, with a peal of 62,000 bells, layered and patterned, to commemorate the 62,000 Australians who died in WWI.

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